Time Arrow offers business support services and facilities for electrification, manufacturing & commercialisation projects

  • Consulting services
  • Built Form innovation & Collaboration Hub focused on solving climate heating — urban environment contributes +40 % of global carbon pollution
  • Coordinating the Bayswater Innovation Cluster ‘Clean Energy, Construction and Building Products’ in the Bayswater Industrial area — Future proofing building, construction, and urban development industries.
  • Time Arrow Hub – carbon minus innovation, electrification, and technology — together with community/ neighbourhoods
  • Collaborate with the CEIHs to form a practical network of coordinated action relevant for Australia
  • Providing strategy & actions for local residents to live a carbon minus lifestyle.
  • Provide independent and confidential policy development consulting services
  • Industry events, community courses, and academic partnerships.


  • Climate Sensible Homes, solar architecture
  • Solar architecture
  • Retrofitting buildings, homes, offices and warehouses for energy efficiency, electrification and reduced emissions
  • New technologies development
  • Innovation/ Skills development

Membership/ Subscriptions/ Sponsorship

  • Early invites to forums, seminars and innovation summits
  • Fabrication workshop facilities – fully equipped for R&D and manufacturing
  • Mentoring
  • Hot desking
  • Time Arrow Hub access/ networking

What we Do

  • We develop technology solutions for Clean Energy results and carbon minus outcomes
  • Run promotional, educational and Training events for the Built Environment industry as a way to reduce emissions
  • Coordinate new skills training opportunities for youth by engagement with industries
  • Develop and refine sustainable design and planning methods to assist with better Local Government outcomes
  • Educate the public, architects, designers and builders to economically retrofit our existing buildings
  • Provide independent and confidential policy development advice and strategies for clients, governments and civil society
  • Review compliance systems to improve emissions outcomes.
  • Educate entrepreneurs and technicians to deliver new skills to industries and partnerships with Universities
  • Training to start-up your own small business through a workable vision created with mentors and partnerships with industry

Things we offer

  • Consulting – carbon minus built form & electrification
  • Co Working Space
  • Fabrication workshop facilities – fully equipped
  • R&D clean energy innovation
  • Clean Energy Systems & Controls
  • Business Advice
  • Young entrepreneurs’ program
  • Inventions and IP advice
  • Technology Demonstrations
  • Community Hub/ event space
  • Networking Events