Vision, Mission & Purpose

Goals & Objectives

  • Solutions for living in a carbon minus urban environment
  • Future progress for the development industry.
  • Providing a prototyping/ pilot manufacturing workshop – Innovation Hub
  • Professional development and innovation know-how for the construction & building industry.
  • Advisory services – built form clean energy innovation.
  • Advice on innovation, policy, technical issues, business planning, IP, finance and capital raising.
  • ‘How to’ Industry and Community Courses & Publications
  • Student internships with Academia/ Industry partnerships.
  • Networking events (fun, great food & beverages!)


  • Future Focussed – progress towards Carbon Minus urban environment
  • Collaboration, strategic communication, and educating
  • Capacity building – networking the network
  • Authenticity – evidenced based
  • Practice enlightened self-interest ethics to deliver results at Commercial, Government and Academic spheres.
  • Practice decency in every transaction
  • Respect for the Planet and Mother Nature